ELIZR345.5 C33   The Central Railroad Company of New Jersey vs. Board of Public Utility Commissioners and the City of Elizabeth.  State of Case.  4 Volumes


ELIZR352 EL4   City of Elizabeth Minutes of City Council.  volumes from 1868 to 1985. 


ELIZ1R352.1 EL4   City of Elizabeth Municipal Budget.  volumes from 1927 to 2000. 


ELIZR352.1 EL48r   City of Elizabeth Comptroller’s Report.  volumes from 1912 to 1928.


ELIZR379.749 C68s   Story of Elmora School: 1908-1958.  by Eugenia Wade Colford. 


ELIZR374.749 ELrpr   Proceedings of the Board of Education of City of Elizabeth, N.J.

Volumes from 1906 to 1988, with volumes missing within some time periods. 



The following pamphlet sets are available in the magazine holders at the end of the collection:


City of Elizabeth Roster of City Officials:  throughout the 20th century and continuing into the 2000s. 


Annual Reports of the Elizabeth Fire Department.  various years from 1902 through the 1930s. 


Annual Report of the Board of Education.  Various years from 1920-1946. 


Annual Report of the Elizabeth Police Department.  1935-1951.


Annual Message of the Mayor.   various years from 1916-1936.