Interlibrary Loan Instructions

  1. Click on the JerseyCat Interlibrary Loan button at the bottom of the instructions. You may use this catalog to see what is available at many New Jersey  libraries, and do not need to request a book unless you wish to. Only Elizabeth [NJ] residents may use the link on this web page to request an item.
  2. Click on the Advanced Search. tab.
  3. On the left side of the screen, type in the title of the book in the first text box, and change from “All Headings” to “Title” in the Pull-Down menu directly to the right.
  4. Below the title, enter the author name, last name first, first name second, and change to “Author” in the Pull-Down menu to the right.
  5. Beneath the search bars are lists of libraries. Click in the box next to the group of libraries, or the boxes next to the individual libraries you would like the system to search [the limit is 15 catalogs]. Click on Search.
  6.  The search results will appear as a list of libraries with the number of hits listed on the right.
  7. Click on one of the library names.
  8. A title list will appear. Click on the title you are interested in borrowing. If a large number of hits has occurred, more titles will appear on additional screens.
  9. When you click on a title, the record for that book will appear.
  10. If you are a resident of Elizabeth [NJ] and a registered borrower in good standing with our library [Elizabeth Public Library], click on the ILL box to request the book from another library. IF YOU ARE NOT A RESIDENT OF ELIZABETH, YOU MUST CONTACT THE LIBRARY THAT SERVES YOUR COMMUNITY.
  11.  Type in your full name, phone number, and create a password. You may also enter an E-mail address.
  12. Click on submit. The request now goes into a pending approval box.
  13. The ILL Librarian will check your borrower record, then submit the request to the system.


ILL Request

To request an interlibrary loan book or have a question about interlibrary loan please email us at:

When the book comes in, or if there is a problem getting the book, you will be contacted by the ILL Librarian.