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Altapedia Online
"Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts
Information Please Almanac
Find answers to your questions in this wide ranging reference work, which includes an almanac, encyclopedia, and dictionary-- plus lots more.
The Living Almanac of Disasters
Find out which disasters occurred on a given date, with brief descriptions and some graphics.
Old Farmer's Almanac
One of the first almanacs published in the U.S. is now online.
The Political Reference Almanac
Search  the The Political Reference Almanac's 1999-2000 edition for free on-line use.Data and background information on political parties, processes, poloticians and leaders. Searchable or browsable according to subject. Please note the buttons on the right of the page which help narrow down your search topic.
Today In History
A feature of the American Memory collections of the Library of Congress. A special historical, primary source feature for each day of the year.
An online encyclopedia that covers technology and all things related to computer technology and the Web. Very thorough and complete, with links back and forth between many concepts and topics.
Artlex Dictionary of Visual Terms
Find out about terms and words used in the art world, including "definitions of more than 3,100 terms here, along with numerous illustrations, pronunciation notes, great quotations, and links to other resources on the Web."
A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms
Here are a few American Sign Language terms to help those of you who are trying to communicate with a person who signs, but does not hear. Also included is the basic alphabet and numbers 1-10.
The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (Hypertext Ed.
"This classic work of reference - described as a browser's joy - has been in popular demand since 1870. The Dictionary is extensively cross referenced, lending itself ideally, to the hypertext environment. This First Hypertext Edition is taken from Dr. Brewer's substantially revised and extended edition of 1894."

The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT)

A full dictionary and a complete thesaurus, integrated into one work; you only need to look up a word once, with hyperlinks to synonyms, and similar or related words available where appropriate.
Hypertext Webster Gateway
First, type the word for which you want the definition in the search window and hit return. Words in the resulting definition are hypertext linked back into the dictionary, allowing you to use your mouse to access the definition of those related (and unrelated) words.
WWWebster Dictionary
An excellent hypertext, online dictionary, offered by the Merriam-Webster Company, a well known publisher of reference books.
OneLook Dictionaries
Searches various specialized dictionaries, and then organizes their results, so that the user can choose the context in which the word is to be defined.
A Web of Online Dictionaries
Hosts an english language dictionary and links to numerous dictionaried for languages of thre world. Scroll down the page to access the many links.
Roget's Thesaurus Search Form
An online, searchable version of Roget's Thesaurus, a recently updated version, which will find synonyms very quickly, and allow you to link to different major sections with ease.
Terminology Collection: Online Dictionaries
WORD-ONLINE contains links to general language dictionaries that available free in the WWW or the Gopher. In WORD-ONLINE You will find monolingual dictionaries like the Webster's or bilingual like Finnish - English Dictionary or even multilingual dictionaries.
Dictionaries and Thesauruses
A handy collection of online dictionaries and thesauruses to aid you in your research and writing! Included dictionaries for foreign languages as well! (From the University of Texas at Austin.)
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Helpful for converting units of measurement.
On-line Hmong-English Dictionary
An online dictionary which translates common Hmong words to English. Arranged alphabetically, by the Hmong word. Click on the word, and have it translated to English.
Latin quotations
Quotations in latin, with translations into English, filed according to the person from whom they are taken.
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
See the "Latin Wordlist and Grammar Aid" section, down near the middle of the page, for help in translating from Latin.
English-Latin Word Search
Search for Latin words and their meanings in this searcher from Project Perseus, which specializes in classical languages and texts.
Search for Latin dictionary entries in Latin!
Search for Latin words and their meanings in another searcher from Project Perseus, which specializes in classical languages and texts.n
Latin Language and Literature
Links to dictionaries and other aids to learning and translating from the Latin language.
Wall Street Directory Glossary
Find out the meaning of terms related to investing, such as stocks, bonds and commodities.
Sports Glossaries
Use glossaries to four popular sports: soccer, ice hocky, football and basketball. Simply click on a name of the sport for definitions of terms and phrases.
Asia Reference
Explains terms used with the study of Asia. "Features a growing general glossary of terms covering Economics, Business, Politics, Arts, and Religion... currently lists more than a thousand terms with a particular strength in the Arts and Religion."