General Reference Information

   The Nobel Prizes

Handbooks and Guidebooks

Phone, fax, e-mail addresses are searched for here. Special sections are available on toll-free numbers.
AwardWeb: Collections of Literary Award Information
Lists of science fiction literary award winners. "The emphasis is science fiction awards, but you'll find other literary awards as well."
"A site dedicated to reading, which offers fiction reading lists, book reviews, forthcoming titles, author information and much more."
CIA Kids Secret Zone
History, Geography, and the World Factbook presented by the U.S. Central Intellihence Agency, designed especially for kids!
The CIA World Factbook
Wide variety of information about countries of the world, including maps, prepared by the U.S. Central Intellihence Agency.
CNN Travel Guide
Maps, city guides, travel directions and much more travel information is offered here by CNN.
California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Database
Energy effiency ratings for some common appliances  are available here.
Cliché Finder
Looking for a "well worn phrase"? "Over 3,300 clichés indexed!"
Maps and References
"The maps which are listed are categorized by geographical region although there are a couple of thematic categories such as Interactive Maps which both highlights the potential of the WWW and are also fun to use."
Map Collection
Many maps from around the world are available here, at the Perry-Castaneda Library's online map collection. Maps are organized by continent, and then by country.
Muze--Rock, pop, jazz, classical, opera and more information on music
Search for artist, album or song for related information.
Princeton College Review
 Online version of the famous guide to colleges. Lots of basic information available here related to colleges.
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
Search for information about common prescribed drugs here.
Telephone Directories
An index of online  phone books, with links to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business Directories, Email Addresses and Fax Listings from over 150  countries all around the world.
The Tree of Life
"A collection of over 1380 World Wide Web pages containing information about the diversity of life, authored by biologists from around the world. Each page contains information about one group of organisms."
World Flag Database
In addition to flags, "There are over 260 pages on countries and international organizations. Each page contains basic information on the country, including its formal name, capital city, area, population, currency, languages, and religions."




Dictionary of Abbreviation and Acronym in Geographic Information systems, Cartography, and Remote Sensing

    Distance - How Far Is It?--How many miles is it from x to y?

   Geographic Names Information systems

   National Imagery and Mapping Agency

    Maps - Map history/history of Cartography

    American Memory: Map Collections, 1544-1996

    Historical Map and Chart Collection