Local History Room Computer

Frequently Asked Printing Questions


1. Do I need to have an Elizabeth Public Library card to print from this computer?


Yes. You will need to have a current, up-to-date Elizabeth Public Library card in order to print from this computer.


2. How do I obtain an Elizabeth Public Library card?


You will need to have two forms of identification which contain both your name and current address to obtain a library card. These forms may include a valid and current driver’s license, vehicle registration, and car insurance. Other acceptable forms of identification include utility bills and property tax bills. The library offers several different forms of library cards, so please see a circulation staff member at the circulation desk (located by the Rahway Avenue entrance to the library) to obtain your library card today.


3. Great. I now have a valid Elizabeth Public Library card. So, how do I print from this computer, and from where do I pick up my printouts?


Follow the steps listed below to ensure that you receive your printouts:


  a. Make sure that you have sufficient funds on your library card. If you need to add money to your library card, please see a library staff member at any one of our public service desks. These service desk points include the reference desk on the third floor, the adult services and circulation desks on the second floor, and the main circulation desk on the first floor. Please keep in mind that each page costs fifteen cents to print.


  b. From the file menu within Internet explorer, go to the print menu, and specify the number of pages that you would like to print. Click ok. A box will then appear in the middle of the screen. Please enter your library card number (found below the barcode on the back of your card), and your pin number within this box.


  c. A box will then appear for you to verify that you want to print the pages you have specified. The information within this box includes your library card number, the amount of money that you have on your account, the number of pages that you would like to print, and your total charge. Click on the print now button when you are ready to actually print out your document.


  d. A confirmation screen will then appear, which will indicate that you can pick up your successfully printed documents. Please proceed to the periodicals desk (located outside of and straight ahead from the local history room) to pick up your printouts.