ELIZR285.1 EL42C   Church of the Founding Fathers of New Jersey, by Harry C. Ellison.


ELIZR923.73 The Life of Elias Boudinot. by J.J. Boudinot.


ELIZR923.73 C54h Abraham Clark: signer of the Declaration of Independence. by Ann Clark Hart.


ELIZR923.73 HAL Admiral Halsey! Story. By William T. Halsey


ELIZR 929 W56 Inscriptions- First Presbyterian Church Yard/St. John’s Church Yard, Elizabeth, NJ.


ELIZR929 W56  Inscriptions on Tombstones, Elizabeth, New Jersey.  by William Ogden Wheeler and Edmund D. Halsey. 


ELIZR974.9 HOF  The Revolutionary Scene in New Jersey.  by Robert V. Hoffman. 


ELIZR974.936 H67o  Old Towne Scrapbook, by Robert V. Hoffman.


ELIZR974.936 H75  History of Union County: 1664-1923, by A. Van Doren Honeyman.


ELIZR974.936 TUR  Images of America: Elizabeth.  by Jean-Rae Turner and Richard T. Koles. 


ELIZR974.937 T338a  As We Were.  by Theodore Thayer.


ELIZR974.937 H28  History of Elizabeth, New Jersey.  by Rev. Edwin H. Hatfield.