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The Elizabeth Local History Room


Whether you are researching your family tree or an historic figure, our Local History Room, on the 3rd floor of our Main location is a quiet space to pursue the past. To ensure the safety and preservation of our many unique items, access to the room is granted during the stated hours, or by appointment. To schedule an appointment fill out the Genealogy and Local History Research and Appointment Request Form. The filled form can either be e-mailed to or faxed to (908) 354-5845. You can also schedule an appointment by calling (908) 354-6060 x.7152.

For Remote Research requests, there is a $25.00 fee which includes up to one hour of research. Additional research will be billed at $25.00 per half hour. For more information or to request research, please fill out the Genealogy and Local History Research and Appointment Request Form.


Rules of the Local History Room

Genealogy and Local History
Research and Appointment

Request Form

Phone: (908) 354-6060 ext. 7152




Hours: Mondays & Thursdays 2:30-4:30pm

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm



Reproduction Policy & Permissions


Photographic Reproduction Policy


Application to Publish Special Collections Materials


Reproduction Use Fee Schedule


B&W Photocopies

10 cents per page

Color Photocopies

25 cents per page

Digital Scans

25 dollars per image

Computer Printouts

B&W: 10 cents per page

Color: 25 cents per page

Microfilm Printouts

15 cents per page




Our Collection:

The Elizabeth Public Library is your gateway to Elizabeth’s past, and it’s available to you in several ways.
If you were wondering where you can go to begin discovering the history of Elizabeth, this is the place to start.

 Microfilm collection
The library has back issues of several newspapers on microfilm: Elizabeth Daily Journal, Newark Evening News, New York Times, Star Ledger, and The Wall Street Journal. The collection also includes the New Jersey Census on microfilm for the years 1855-1915, US Census for 1830-1910 and the Elizabeth City directories from 1865-1971. To view them we offer two reader/printers, which are connected to computers for easy scanning and uploading to your email account. Microfilm materials are available during all library hours of operation. Please ask staff for assistance.

New Jersey State Census Microfilm Holdings

United States Census New Jersey Microfilm Holdings

City Directories

Find the people that lived in our city from 1865-1971, complete with addresses, places of employment, and an occasional date of death.


Elizabeth City Directory Microfilm Holdings



Elizabeth Daily Journal

Our collection includes the microfilm edition of The Elizabeth Daily Journal newspaper from 1871-1991 and a limited number of issues of its predecessor, The New Jersey Journal from 1779-1871. An indexed file covering the years 1915-1991 is an aid to research, and a noteworthy artifact in its own right. For obituary searches, only prominent figures are listed in the index.


Elizabeth Daily Journal Microfilm Holdings


New Jersey Journal Microfilm Holdings


Elizabeth Vertical files

These files include articles arranged by date and subjects pertaining to local places, events, businesses and people.


High school yearbooks

The library has yearbooks with some year gaps for Battin (1927-1974), Thomas Jefferson (1934-1972), Edison (1966-1987), and Elizabeth High School (1980-2004). We always welcome donations of yearbooks from Elizabeth schools that could help to fill the gaps in our collection. To donate a copy of an Elizabeth yearbook, contact the Local History Room at (908) 354-6060 x. 7152.  



sanborn maps

Our collection contains the 1927, 1951, and 1958 editions of the Elizabeth City maps.


Genealogical resources
Our collection houses a selection of reference books that can be useful tools for researching your family roots. Titles such as American Genealogical Biographical Index, Lineage Book: Daughters of the American Revolution and Colonial Families of the United States of America are a few of the sources available. General genealogical resources are located outside the Local History Room and are accessible during all Main Library hours of operation. Genealogies of specific families and the Genealogy Vertical File are stored within the Local History Room and can be accessed during open hours or by making an appointment.





Celebrating the Anniversary
of our State and Region




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